Exhibition and sale of paintings in Eastern Switzerland!

The last sales exhibit finished on January 14, 2017


kunst stück is the new Art-Market in the Gallus-city St.Gallen: Gallery / Sales Point / Exhibition,  under the theme - an original for individual.

The idea is to bring art from the makers, the driven, the creators to a broader palette of clients!

All works are originals!
We are:
Art-Center,  Art-Exchange,  cultural promotion...

Paintings should speak to all people and communicate something, expose a viewpoint, or simply freeze a moment in time.
In the end art is experienced individually and dependent on the eye and the experience of the viewer.
Seen this way 'kunst stück' is possibly a way to democratize art...

The Concept “kunst-stück-sg.ch”

We deal in Fine Art (Original / Paintings) at affordable prices. Therefore we use the principle of the market; Supply and demand!

Exhibiting Artists

  • Irene Varga, Beatrix Terzer, Hans Bertschi, Edith Thurnherr, Karin Schelling, Rolf Huber, JOHannaS, Guido Hättenschwiler, Bruno Hofstetter, Maria Weiss, Ròbert Mikos, Katia Weyher, Rene Düsel, Bettina Sacher, Margreth Ammann, Werner Boesch, Anita Schnell, Aline Jeanbourquin Bunji, Jonny Mueller, Regula Frey & Mirella Mueller

Latest Posts

Experten bei der Bewertung

GBS Presentation

On January 27th, Mauro Simeon, Karin Traber and Fabian von Selve presented their project work in the context of the visual design of GBS St.Gallen. This short presentation was held in front of spectators and evaluated by experts. For us Gallery kunst-stück, this was interesting because some of the participants had invited us to follow […]

Ziegeldächer und blauer Himmel

Last Chance for a Purchase!

Time flies and so, the new year has begun… We would like to remind you that the gallery is only open until Saturday, January the 14th.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

The Art gallery kunst-stück wishes you happy holidays and a successful new year 2017.

Babyblue Cadillac with Titel

New Strategy Art Gallery kunst-stueck

The experience gained in the gallery business during the first 15 months showed us that the demand for art is not particularly high in spring and summer. For this reason, we decided to continue the business as a seasonal sales exhibition.